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Hi, I Am Angela Little

Im Just an ordinary mum of four who achieved a Weight loss transformation..

A few years ago , I was unhappy with what i saw in the mirror.    I live life at 70%,never achieving my full potential, wasted precious hours shaking my head, criticising myself , and wishing things would change. In short, I was refusing to embrace my Inner Badass.

I had forgotten my true nature: a Badass Warrior Woman who can do absolutely anything she puts her mind too. Sound familiar ? I’ll let you into a secret; that Badass is hiding inside you too, just waiting for a chance to break free and run wild.

There is one important thing to remember here; you can not do this alone, we all need support and encouragement to maintain motivation and be our best selves. You are not alone, you are joining a tribe of Strong,Badass Women , and together with myself, if you are willing to work hard, embrace the sweat and discover the inner grit, not only will you get the body of your dreams, rediscover your self esteem, self worth and unlock that warrior waiting within you.

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What my Clients Say About Me

First of all, I’ve just got to say if you’re thinking about joining one of Angela’s coaching programs go for it! Why would I recommend Angela? Because she understands not only the dynamics of weight loss but the mindset that goes along with it too.
Pat Fullingim
Working Mum of 6
I just wanted to give a shout out to Angela! I’m a busy mom I’ve got three kids, I turned to Angela for some help with nutrition and workouts and just getting back in shape because it always seems so overwhelming and I really really trust Angela. She knows what she’s talking about she knows you know what it’s like to be a busy mom and to be struggling and frustrated and she listens really well.
Jamie Wolf
Working Mum of 3

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