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Best Shape of your Life

StrongWomenFitness is the brainchild of Angela Little 

who decided after losing her confidence after having four children that she would no longer wanted to be Flabby, Frumpy and mumsy.

So I set about my fitness journey, training for Triathlons, 10k’s, competing in Miss Galaxy Universe, which includes a miltary style fitness test.

 Then finally ( after spending years of being too scared to lift weights)

 I found my love of weight lifting which would eventually take me to be a successful fitness Model, winning numerous titles competing in Amateur and Pro divisions gaining my Pro card …..

winning numerous trophies competing internationally and ended up the “Female European Overall Pro Champion Winner” all after the age of 40. 

After competing, and constantly being asked about my journey, and what it takes to do what I did, I started helping women , most of them mums get back into shape, regain their confidence and quickly realised that this was much more rewarding, so she set about putting together all her knowledge and expertise, and created StrongWomenFitness Family.

If you’re serious about changing your life forever while still being able to enjoy it….

You can take out all the guesswork and get guaranteed results by working with me.

I’m offering you the chance to work with me one-on-one, I only work with a small number of people that are a good fit and fully committed
Book a Call with me and find out if you can be one of them…..