The 28 Day Shred

Looking to chance your life and transform your body in just 28 days? You have come to the perfect place!

What Is the 28 Day Shred?

This programme is a 4 week guide designed to help you discover a new way of eating, fall in love with fitness, and build a badass attitude. You will follow a carefully constructed plan for 28 days, and each week includes a set of recipes and meal plans, along with corresponding workouts which will help you build progress and see results.

How Does It Work?

The core of the programme focuses on following a ketogenic diet, and works on the concept of ketosis. This is a natural, everyday process carried you by the body which maximised fuel for optimum results. I’ve had incredible results using this method not only on myself, but by helping a huge number of women follow the plan. It is my go to system for women who have tried everything else, and want something which WORKS.

The plan is designed to progress in a linear fashion, with each day building on the previous. This allows you to make steady, sustainable progress – perfect for maintaining motivation. Trust the process; this may be a brand new way of eating for you, but if you follow the plan and stick to my advice, I promise: you WILL see results.

Once you have completed the programme, you will also have access to support and guidance to continue your weight loss journey should you desire.

Though you will see results fast, this is far from a quick fix plan. Instead, the 28 Day Shred works to totally transform the way you think about, and react to, diet and exercise, allowing you to sustain your results over a long period of time.